Android Tutorial 1
Using a Text Editor

web design     This lesson will assume that you have studied HTML at one or more of our recommended Design Sites ...if you haven't done that yet, go do it and return here and we will show you how to use your Android OS, to actually create an HTML Document using your Text Editor "Webmaster Lite"!

    Once you learn this proceedure you will have an HTML Document on YOUR Device and you can FTP it to your Online Web Host using another program that you have chosen to download from your Google Play Store, called (we recommend) AndFTP

    However you MUST understand that NO ONE on the WWW will be able to view it from their web browser until you FTP it to your chosen Online Web Host Server...

    This UPLOADING will be discussed in our Next Lesson using AndFTP...

OK... now to build your HTML Document... from your Android Desktop, open Webmaster Lite...

Now click open the top button "New File"

screen shot

Now click open "HTML"

screen shot

Now here's where you use your knowledge of HTML, and build your Source Code for the web page! Just REMOVE the text that it has for the <title> then type in what you want to use for the page title... forget about the rest of the code in the <head> section for now and then go down to the <body> section and try typing in some code as you have learned it from studing HTML previously!

screen shot

Whenever you want to Save the work, click the top button and choose "Save"... then type in a File Name and then click SAVE... now you can VIEW the file anytime by going to your DESKTOP, and click SETTINGS then click STORAGE then click FILES and then find the file name and click it to see what it looks like (choose to open it with Google Chrome)!

    In the Next Lesson we'll show you how to Upload it to the WWW using an FTP Program so that ANYONE on the WWW can view it in their web browser and so that it will have an actual URL (web address)!

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