Furniture Dave
Age: 77
My Diet Facts
(2/14/22) [weight 265#] - () [weight 210#]
Note: weight measured without any clothes on

national daily average: CALORIES: 2000-C
my daily goal max CALORIES: < 1000-C
my daily goal max SUGAR: < 50-G (0-G added)
my daily goal max SALT: < 2500-MG

Below Are The ONLY Foods I MIGHT eat on my diet:
(c = 1 cup) (< = less than) (G = grams) (MG = millagrams) (added sugar in parentheses)

See Foods I Stopped Eating

NameCaloriesSugar-G (added)Salt-MG
1 orange609 (0)0
1 c blueberry6015 (0)0
1 c strawberry457 (0)0
1 c peaches7514 (0)0
1 banana10514 (0)0
1 c mango8019 (0)0
1 c berry medley mix8010 (0)0
1 peach5013 (0)0

NameCaloriesSugar-G (added)Salt-MG
1 tbsp relish153 (2)140
1 tbsp catsup203.5 (3)0
1 tbsp mustard00 (0)0
1 tbsp lite mayo350 (0)110
1/2 c slaw16013 (11)0
1 c calif blend303 (0)35
1 celery stalk140 (0)0
1 c carrots350 (0)40
1 c greenbean300 (0)30
1 slice tomato40 (0)0
1/2 c edamame beans950 (0)4
1/2 c lentil beans1100 (0)115
1 c chili beans3503 (0)1425
1 jar tomato garlic pasta sauce30030 (5)2100
1 can tomato sauce14021 (0)1820
chopped onions00 (0)0
1 c chopped spinach300 (0)120

NameCaloriesSugar-G (added)Salt-MG
1/4 c peanuts1600 (0)0

NameCaloriesSugar-G (added)Salt-MG
2 tbsp sugar free maple syrup50 (0)55
1 c skim milk8011 (0)120
1 c green diet tea00 (0)0
1 c instant coffee black20 (0)0
1 c cranberry juice10023 (0)25
1 c low salt veggie juice507 (0)140
1 c apple juice11028 (0)35
1 c tart cherry juice12027 (0)60

NameCaloriesSugar-G (added)Salt-MG
3 eggs w/onions cheese2000 (0)170
1/4 #ground 96% lean ground beef1400 (0)76
1 can tuna in water1400 (0)65
1 c salmon in water2100 (0)840
1 catfish fillet1300 (0)110
1 tilapia fillet900 (0)40
1 chicken tender fillet900 (0)260
1 slice ham300 (0)260
1 slice roast beef330 (0)90

NameCaloriesSugar-G (added)Salt-MG
1 slice cheddar cheese1130 (0)174
1/4 c shredded cheddar cheese1100 (0)170
1 slice swiss cheese700 (0)40
1 c fruit yogurt17328 (21)100
1/4 c low fat cottage cheese402 (0)200
4 tbsp peanut butter3806 (2)280

Here's How I actually Lose Weight:

(1) I am SINCERE about losing weight and NOT just joking about it and I stick with the diet everyday from the beginning...

(2) I use the facts about the foods that I eat (as shown above) which I gathered by pain-stakingly READING Food Labels and Writing Down This Information In A Small Notebook So I Could Refer To It Daily...

(3) I RECORD My Daily Eating Values (the Date, Food or Meal Name, Calories, Sugar, and Salt) each time I finish eating on PAPER (in the same notebook in another area)... So that at anytime of the day (or night) I KNOW EXACTLY How Much I Ate And How Many Calories, Sugar and Salt I have Consumed Up To That Point... NOTE:[If I mix foods to make a meal, I calculate the individual amounts and add them up, then determine how many servings the total mixture will yield, so that I can record a true value for each serving when I eat]...

Here's a pic of a typical day's record:

Notice I quit eating with Calories = 907, Sugar = 50G (0), and Salt = 2510MG

Read About Sugar Intake Here

(4) I chose a MAXIMUM Limit For The Calories, Sugar and Salt (see top of page) and when I reach this value I STOP EATING FOR THE REST OF THE DAY!!! I LET THE CALORIE VALUE LEAD THE WAY... So for example, I decided to Limit My Daily Calorie Amount To Below 1000 Calories. So As I approach this value, I watch what I eat carefully and try to not go over the limit that I set for myself...

(5) I use an ACCURATE Balance Beam Scale (which I purchased at a flea mart... the kind that most Doctor Clinics Use to weigh patients) and I WEIGH MYSELF EVERY MORNING to "see how I am doing" (to get feedback)...

(6) I keep active and BUSY everyday but I do NOT do any other extra work-outs or exercising...

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Below are Foods I Stopped Eating...

all types of breadall pastachipsall types of potatoes
all types of corncanned soupscerealsoatmeal
all ricecookiesbaked sweetsall chocolate
orange juiceany juice drinks
with added sugar
crackersI eat ONLY unsalted dry
roasted peanuts
hot dogsfried chicken
breasts, legs, thighs
porkcanned veggies
high in salt
fast foodssalad dressingssnack foodsrestaurant foods
ice creamsodas, lemonadecandydeli foods, meals

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