Video Of My Trike
Design Parameters: NO WELDING [Easily Disassembled], Easy Construction & Material & Parts Availability, Hand Drill, Jig Saw, Hack Saw, Common Tools, Bench Vice...

Basic Specs: 20 inch aluminum wheels, steel & aluminum frame with lock bolted design, wheel base 54 in, total length 90 in, front wheel track 40 in, height (handle bars) 35 in (muffler top) 34 in, seat height (from ground) 12 in, seat has 2 coil springs (spring rate 125 lb each) for comfort control, curb weight 118 Lbs, quick release retracting center stand, horse power 2.2 bhp, MPG 100+, front caster angle: ~20 deg, front wheel tilt (upon full turn) ~15 deg, tow-out 1.5 inch, engine NEW 50 cc Honda 50GX (replica) 4 stroke, pull start, 1 speed centrifugal clutch (springs have been purposely weakened from stock to enable faster vehicle mobility from a standing start), brakes (front only) caliper style handle bar operated ...

Max top (safe) speed 30mph, safe crusing speed 25mph, safe cornering speed 10mph, turning radius can make U-Turn in normal 2 lane street, build time (at leasurely rate) ~1 month... NOTE: THIS IS THE LATEST PROTOTYPE VIDEO,

NOTE: This Vehicle Is Classed As A 3 Wheeled Moped (50cc) And Is Street Legal Requiring No Other Legal Necessities In Michigan... {always wear a helmet when driving}! Thank You... please wait for player to load

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