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Starting Out

  • First decide if you are serious about reselling or do you just want things for yourself?
  • You'll need plenty of storage space in either case because if you persist in this pastime you'll find a ton of stuff... All free for the taking!!!
  • Transportation... it must be reliable. You could lose a lot if you have to pay to tow your "catch" back home.
  • Routes... start out around your immediate area. Expand as you develop the "Junker's Conscience".
  • Timing... Fit it into your daily schedule. Keep it a hobby until you become more experienced.
  • Planning... Do some homework. Find out when and where things are going out for the garbage trucks.
  • Hauling... Be careful lifting. Vans are nice if they're set-up right. Pick-ups too. Or even your trunk and the cartop. Learn how to pack stuff... carefully, and safely.
  • Cleaning... Always clean everything with water and rag first. Learn how to scrape off paint specks with a pocket knife. Many things (you'll surely find out) will need repairs; light sanding, replacing knobs, hinges, replacing parts, painting, staining, varnishing etc. This is where the fun really is... be creative! SEE THE: Repair Studio
  • Resale... Presto!... It's like "MAGIC". Name your price and go to town!
  • Pricing... You'll take this advice: "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" and "Half a loaf is better than none at all" ...Best Of Luck To You!