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Stand Up
Trick Numbers

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1 vanishing lit cigarette
2multiplying balls
3cut-restored rope
4card flourish 1
5card flourish 2
6card flourish 3
7card flourish 4
8sewing trick
9magic ace
10coin cup hanky
Close Up
Trick Numbers

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11 rolling cigarette
12scotch soda
13four aces
14magic penny
15cigarette box
16bad memory
17card warp
17.1invisible palm
17.2pencil thru bill
Trick Numbers

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18 levitations
20vanishes productions
21fan illusion
22motorcycle illusion
23table fan illusion
24indian rope illusion
25dancing cane illusion
26bird cage illusion
27blaney ladder illusion
28bits and pieces illusion
29origami illusion
30interlude illusion
31losander floating table illusion
32blackstone floating lightbulb illusion
33magic costume change illusion
34floating violin illusion
35dancing hanky illusion
36daniels box illusion
37hypnotic hankerchief illusion
38splicer illusion
39card manipulation
40super metamorphosis
41blaney sawing illusion
42ring & rope illusions
43paper frame illusion
44girls from box illusion