Multiplying Balls Trick

Magician magically produces a golf ball from nowhere and makes it multiply into two, then three, then four balls! Then they all vanish...

#2 The Multiplying Ball Trick
This trick requires the Multiplying Balls which can be purchased at any Magic Store
There are only three solid balls and one half hollow shell, which can cover over any ball... SEE PICTURE:
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You start with one ball in the shell hidden in your hand, and the two other balls in your pocket
By flipping the fingers carefully and secretly keeping a ball in the hand instead of placing in the pocket, you can manipulate the shell so as to make it hold a ball or release a ball between the fingers... then the moves are repeated and another ball is "grabbed" from the pocket under cover of supposedly placing a ball there
The whole routein continues and when all four fingers hold the balls, there are actually only three balls and the half hollow shell being shown
The proceedure is "reversed" to get rid of the balls to the pocket and finish the trick with none left!