Cut & Restored Rope

Magician borrows a solid long rope, then visibly cuts it into two pieces, then ties the ends together, then gets some "Magic Powder" from his Hat and sprinkles it onto the rope which then RESTORES to it's original single piece...

#3 The Cut And Restored Rope Trick
Any long rope can be used
When the rope is held near the ends in the left hand at the beginning, the right hand reaches down to the center of the rope and appears to bring it up to the left hand to get the center ready for cutting
But just as it reaches the left hand the fingers of the right hand reach thru the loop and "grab" one end of the upper piece end just below the left hand and pull it thru the loop and then place that looped end into the left hand, so it protrudes above it and looks like it's the center of the rope, but infact it is just a "looped over" piece of the end
It is also looped over the rest of the rope, so that when the magician cuts it he is only cutting a short piece of the left end off, and then he can tie two of the four ends together so that this small piece is simply tied to the rest of the rope, so when he extends the rope out for full view, it is just a small piece in the center that is tied to it self and looks like the two ends are tied together but they are not
Then when he winds up the rope into his left hand he secretly removes the fake knot with his right hand and deposits it into the hat on the table as he attempts to get some "magic powder" from the hat
Here is a CLOSE UP PICTURE of the rope after it is in position just before he closes his hand and cuts the loop: Click Here