Singer Sewing Trick

The Magician ties a piece of borrowed string, loops it, cuts it in the middle, and then allows you to choose either hand end and then Magically "sews those cut ends together" in his mouth! Uses ordinary borrowed string, with NO gimmicks, can be cut by the spectator, and can be done close up and the string then returned...

#8 The Singer Sewing Trick
Uses ordinary thread or string
The string is tied together to form a loop, then it is doubled over to form two loops
Then it is brought up to the cutting tool, but first the magician unloops it to casually show the knot has been tied tight, this is done as a misdirection,
so next when the string is again double looped it is given one extra turn,
which causes it to be twisted at the center,
this twist is covered over by the right thumb and finger
Next the string is cut, right next to the twisted point and the hands are separated apart
The spectator is asked to choose either hand, but which ever he chooses the magician makes it seem that he picked the end next to the concealed twist, by either offering that end or dropping the other end
Next the magician places the concealed twisted end into his mouth
he then removes the small piece of string that was left from the cut, using his tongue, and either swallows it or hides it under his tongue
Next he removes the full string and spreads it out to show that it is restored to it's original length, and still has the knot in it
SEE THIS PICTURE which shows how the string is twisted over so that it can be cut right next to the twist:
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