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1. What is a "Waterfall" piece of furniture? [View Picture]
A. The front top edge is rounded like a waterfall
B. It's named after a famous Designer
C. It's manufactured near Niagra Falls
D. It's made with waterproof wood
2. What type of legs does this table have? [View Picture]
A. Pedestal
B. Corner post
C. Queen Anne
D. Cantilever
3. What is the best hardware material for most furniture?
A. Copper
B. Brass
C. Bronze
D. Steel
4. What is the most common kitchen table diameter?
A. 36 inches
B. 42 inches
C. 46 inches
D. 48 inches
5. Which is NOT hardwood?
A. Balsa
B. Cherry
C. Pine
D. Mahogany
6. Why are tall Chests of Drawers more desirable than long low ones?
A. They are better looking
B. They generally are less expensive
C. Long low Dressers take up more floor space
D. They are lighter and easier to move around
7. What is "Hunting for old furniture and other things on garbage day" commonly referred as?
A. Recycling
B. Scrapping
C. Panhandling
D. Junking
8. How OLD (in years) does a piece of furniture generally have to be at least, before it can be called an antique?
A. Over 100 years
B. 50 to 100 years
C. Over 150 years
D. Over 500 years
9. What is Veneer?
A. The shine of the finish of furniture
B. A Laquer coating applied to the finish of furniture
C. A paper or wood laminate applied to the finish of furniture
D. None of the above
10. What is the proper description of this piece of furniture? [View Picture]
A. A Swing Mirror Vanity
B. A Wardrobe
C. An Antique Dresser
D. An Armoire
11. What is a common design improvement that's made to toy rideable plastic cars and metal or plastic wagons
A. Add wheel bearing grease
B. Paint with rust preventative paint
C. Add water drain holes
D. Add horns and lights
12. When picking up 10 speed or mountain bikes from the street, what is the first thing you should check for?
A. Are the wheels or frame parts bent
B. Do the brake and shift cables work
C. Do the de-railers work
D. Do the tires hold air
13. What is the best thing to use to lubricate wooden dresser drawer tracks with?
A. A bar of soap
B. WD40 spray
C. Synthetic lube spray
D. Petroleum Jelly
14. What is the easiest way to improve the finish of an old piece of furniture?
A. Use stripper, then stain, then varnish
B. Sand, undercoat, then paint or antique
C. Clean off marks and specks with lacquer thinner, touch-up with matching paint, then spray with clear spray can material
D. Take to a professional furniture refinisher
15. Where can you find the best deal on cloth, vinyl or leather material for recovering chair seats and other furniture?
A. Your local fabric store
B. Online
C. Flea markets
D. From the backs, sides and cushions of couches and chairs on the street on garbage day
16. What is Tiger Oak?
A. Oak harvested from India and other south hemisphere countries. It has a unique cross grain that looks like it has the eyes of a tiger at various spots.
B. Oak that is made by quarter cutting regular oak, then straight cutting each quarter to give a cross grain that is very eye appealing and near 90 degrees to the cut direction.
C. It is the same as other oak wood but has a finer cross grain.
D. It's really a fictious name, used to give the public the impression that the oak is different but it is the same as any other oak.
17. What is Hardwood?
A. Wood from trees that are grown in climates that have "hard" rainfall, such as Oak, Mahogany etc.
B. Wood from trees that shed their leaves annually (deciduous trees).
C. Hardwood is the common name given to many popular types of wood that are hard and very dense, such as Oak, Mahogany etc.
D. Wood that can withstand a pre-measured amount of surface pressure (100lb per sq inch) without denting or deforming.
18. What is Antiquing?
A. It's the aging process that furniture and other items go thru over time, to become a true Antique.
B. Antiquing is the method of time, acting on items which make them old.
C. It's a refinishing process that is used to create a different, old look to furniture.
D. It's making a replica of a piece of furniture which looks like the original, but in a new condition.
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