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Can I purchase an Item?... Yes it is easy for you to Purchase an Item...

You MUST Come To The Location To Make A Purchase (Online Purchases Are NOT Possible) ... Come and Knock on the Side Door, during the available hours (usually 10-1pm or 3-5pm, any day, 7 days/week including holidays)... or use the CONTACT PAGE... however "Walk-ins" are always welcome... no appointment necessary! 21410 Sherwood, Warren, Mi. 48091 (see the Intro & Map Page for a map)

NOTE: Shipping Is NOT Available!
Local delivery may be possible from the location (for a small fee) if you are within 10 miles from the location, use the CONTACT PAGE to inquire ... But it's BEST if you supply a Vehicle for taking the Item home yourself (an Item's Size & Dimension is usually given in the ad)... some help will be available for loading the Item into your Vehicle! If you think it's necessary... bring a friend to help!!! ...
Need A Furniture Delivery Service? CLICK HERE

Can I get a Refund on a Purchase?... No, the Sales Policy does not allow Refunds for anyone... all Items are "Sold As Is"... however if you make a Purchase when you come and you then do not want the Item (before you leave)... You Will Be Allowed to Apply the Purchase Amount to any other Item that currently has equal or greater value!

If I put a Deposit to hold an Item, is it refundable?... No, because That Item Is "turned down" to any offers made on it in the mean time, so your Deposit cannot be refunded justifiably... however you may apply the Deposit value to any other Item of equal or greater value...

Do you give any Warrentys?... No, these are USED ITEMS and you purchase them "As Is" and at your own risk......

Can I use a Credit Card?... Yes, at the local Gas Station ATM, note that it's CASH Only... and No credit or checks!!!

How do I know that an Item will still be there when I come to check it out?... If an Item still shows on one of the Ad Pages, then it is still here and for sale... (An Item ad is quickly removed from Facebook Marketplace (and all other Classified sites) and any Ad Pages, when someone makes a purchase)...

What happens if I fail to pick up and Pay for my Item when I said I would?... waiting time can only be until the Pick-Up Time that you indicate (and only for 3 Days Maximum)... if it is not picked up by then or by any other agreed upon date, or if you fail to make contact about it by then... it will remain up for resale...

Where are the Items For Sale shown?... Please use the Red Navigation Button at the top of all pages!!!

Is the Item still available?... Yes if the ad still shows on Facebook Marketplace (or any other Classified site) and any Ad Page... (An Item ad is quickly removed from all Classified sites and any Ad Page, when someone makes a purchase)!!!

Do you offer a Layaway?... An Item can be held for a maximum of TWO WEEKS for a $20 non refundable Deposit (it goes towards your full payment)...

Can I get more Item Information?... Since E-Mail messages or phone conversations can be misleading, it is better to just come and see the Item yourself, and eliminate any doubts!!! Note: Items are represented online as closely as possible to what you would find at the location in person... For your convience... and Rated as follows: 1.Poor (items in need of repair) 2.Fair (items in acceptable condition, may have defects but no repairs needed) 3.Very Good (items are in much better condition, may have a few nics or scratches) 4.Excellent (items are practically perfect condition) 5.Like New (items are actually new or virtually in new condition)
Remember these are USED ITEMS, so if there's any doubt from looking at any ad, then you should come and see the Item in person before purchasing! Stated, Refunds Are NOT Allowed!!!
Also Smartphone Users can Magnify The Images to "see better"... Watch The Gestures Tutorial Video

Do you give receipts?... Yes you may ask and receive a written receipt...

How often do you update your ads?... Ads Are Updated All Day Long, EVERYDAY 24/7 as Items are removed and as New Items are added to the pages...

How often do you get more Items for sale?... Quite Frequently, it's a Hobby...

Are there more Items available?... Yes, you can see them if you come!!!

Are prices negotiable?... If you purchase several Items, yes, but this must be done in person only!!!

Do you give Dealer Discounts?... Yes, for quantity purchases with proof of dealership...

I have some Items for sale. Do you buy Items?... No... No ITEMS are purchased from anyone... sources are purely from Donations... if you would like to inquire about Donating your Item, please use the CONTACT PAGE

Is this a business?... No, just a local resident, a Hobbiest and Collector and a Web Master with a real functional web site!!!

Is there a Phone Number to call?... Yes, but you need to come to the location first (this keeps the Phone from "ringing off the hook" from casual inquiries)!!!

When are you available to come?... Please come only during the times posted... (10-1pm or 3-5pm, any day, 7 days/week including holidays) OR Make A Contact using the CONTACT PAGE the address and map is on the Intro & Map Page, 21410 Sherwood, Warren Mi 48091

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The Location is an "Internet Drop Off Place", which is a place that contracts with other persons, to offer its personal property or other valuable things for sale, purchase, consignment or trade, only by means of an Internet Website... and where that place exclusively advertises only by means of the World Wide Web Internet...

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