Repair System


Let Me Explain How This Repair System Works!
Apply This To All Types Of Furniture, Antique and Other Item Repairs...
Furniture, Rugs, Lamps, Toys, Bikes, Barbeques, Vacuums, etc.

All Repair Advice Will Always Be FREE!

    You Will make Repairs to achieve a final item condition that enables the item to be used for it's original intended purpose in a fully functional and complete way...

    Your repairs will not intend or expect to make the item "brand new again", but only to bring it to a better level of use than it was previously at, both mechanically and esthetically...

Here's How It Works...

    You bring your Item to My Location, During My Available Hours (10-1pm or 3-5pm, any day, 7 days/week including holidays) and You Do All The Repair Work Yourself back at your home after you receive my explicit Repair Instructions. I will show you, step by step, what and how to repair the Item THE CORRECT WAY and even write down the Instructions on paper, if you so desire...

That's It Plain And Simple!

    You GAIN a repaired Item, to YOUR Satisfaction and SAVE Lots Of Money since you might have had to purchase a new Item or even a used Item!

    You also come away with the "Do It Yourself Know How" which is really Very Valuable Knowledge for you in your future!

    Please be advised that I have been Repairing All Kinds Of Items for over 40 Years so you'll get "Top Shelf" help! SAFETY FIRST IS MY MOTTO... and I use the "Fast Street Style Fix Methods" for most Repairs... SEE Comments At The Bottom Of This Page...

    Just Bring your Item to my Location 10-1pm OR 3-5pm 7 days...

    Thank You For Your Consideration...
    "Furniture Dave"

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Satish (7/1/'23) Thanks for the repairing information on that Barrel Pit, thank you so much, have a great day!
Mary (6/12/'23) Thank You for helping me fix my Table, I will be enjoying it a lot this summer.
Sandy (5/16/'23) Just fixed that Dresser, I didn't know it was so easy and it was FREE Advise...
Linda (1/22/'23) I came in today, thank you for the help I really appreciate it...
Sue Rightmore (12/20/'22) Thank you for helping me repair my wagon wheels I almost was gonna buy a new one for my kid...
Jack Smith (11/1/'22) Happy with your help and your repair system and I will recommend you to others, thank you...