The Art Of Junking Is A Great Pastime For You
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         "Mommy, mommy look what I found!" Remember how excited you were when you found something for free and you knew that it was now all yours. The rule was " Finders keepers, losers weepers".

"One man's junk is truly another man's (or woman's) treasure". Since the beginning of mankind people have always wanted to get things for nothing. And so Junking lives on... from the street junker thru various forms all the way up to big corporations recycling goods and materials. Oh yes, you say it's disgusting to find someone going thru your garbage! "It's just like a Gypsy or something" ...well remember family traditions we hand down things from one to another ...the Salvation Army St. Vincent de Paul ...the junker is the step in-between salvation ...or else alternatively we'll see the stuff go into a landfill and pollute this Earth more than it already is!

Here is the true Art and Practice of Junking; how to actually do it; efficiently, rewardingly, safely and with class and satisfaction...

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