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Junking is the retrieval of ordinarily discarded things and materials.

To see someone picking thru your garbage can be disgusting, embarassing and sometimes calls up the image of "Junkman" ..."Sheenyman" ..."Garbage Picker" ..."Transient" ..."Bum" ...etc. But stop and think, large businesses, organizations and the like are doing exactly the same thing on a large scale... and you don't seem to be offended! It's called recycling! It's a basic fundamental of human nature and of nature itself! From big business to family traditions of handing down things to another generation, it's a way of life. Resale shops, secondhand stores, state-run organizations, all receive things that are retrieved from "the state of the junk".

Junking is a way of redefining the usage of things... not to mention... a way of cleaning up our polluted Earth.

There are many types of Junking. The most common are: Street Junking and Scrapping... both of which can be done For Fun or For Profit.

Levels of Junking include:

Junking can be looked at in many ways. Here we will look at it from two perspectives: For Fun... For Profit.

In either case the Methods are the same or similar: