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We have created this Paint Quiz 2 for fun but also to help you learn better Painting practices! Please answer ALL the questions and press the Send It button... you will then receive a Link to our ANSWER PAGE! Thank You and Good Luck! (You MUST answer ALL the questions... if you don't know, try GUESSING)

Please Choose the BEST Answer for each question... We suggest that you write your answers on a piece of paper to compare with our ANSWER PAGE

NOTE: For smartphone users, if you have trouble hitting the round radio buttons, just do the "spread finger gesture" to enlarge them!

1. The best Brush to use for Varnishing interior Trim is:
A. A Pure Bristle Brush
B. A Polyester Brush
C. A Nylon Brush
D. Any Brush
2. Why should you wear Painter's Pants when Painting?
A. They will make the job easier
B. To keep Paint off of your own clothes
C. So others will know you are a Painter
D. They feel better than regular clothes
3. Which is True?
A. You can Varnish over Painted surfaces
B. Dust will not harm a freshly Varnished surface
C. Apply Varnish with a roller over large areas
D. Always give two coats of Varnish, allowing ample dry time in between
4. Oil Stain is best applied to interior trim with what method?
A. Spray it on, then Brush it out
B. Just Brush it on
C. Use Brush, Roller or Rag, then wipe off excess with a clean Rag
D. Rag it on, then wipe it off with a Rag soaked in water
5. For Small Rooms like Halls, closets, Small Bedrooms... it is best to do this:
A. Use White for the Ceiling, and whatever Color you want for the walls
B. Paint the whole room the same color
C. Always Paint these small rooms White
D. Paint them anyway you want
6. What's the best all around step ladder for Interior Painting?
A. A six foot step ladder
B. A five foot step ladder
C. A four foot step ladder
D. A three foot step ladder
7. What is the most Common Lowest Acceptable Temperature required for Exterior Paint to properly cure?
A. 75 F
B. 50 F
C. 40 F
D. 32 F
8. Which is False?
A. When you Clean up each day, leave things in an orderly place
B. Pour Cleaning Solvant directly onto your Hands to clean them
C. All Cleaning solutions must be properly stored to prevent leakage
D. Use a Rag soaked in cleaning solvant, to clean your hands
9. What is "Back Priming" and where is it most frequently used?
A. Priming the back of a room, for interior Painting
B. Priming a "second coat" for extra deep colors
C. Back Priming is a fictious non existant term
D. Priming the back side of surfaces, especially Wood Garages
10. The best way to paint Window Sash where it meets the glass pane is:
A. Tape the glass all around, then paint the Sash Edge, then quickly remove the tape
B. Scrape and Caulk the Sash Edge where it meets the glass and cut it in with a flat edge Sash Tool
C. Use a Plastic Paint Shield Edge to keep paint off the window pane edge as you brush the Sash all around
D. Paint over the Sash Edge a little onto the glass pane, then remove the paint later with a rag or scraper tool
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