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No Other Painting Site Can Teach You Actual Techniques Required For Painting Like We Can... other Sites Can't Compare!

    Forget all the advice you get from places like your local hardware or home supply house... Study THESE pages and be assured that you now have the Most Accurate Advice from a Professional Painting and Decorating Contractor with over 45 years of experience... now a Master Painter in the Trade since 1959! For Questions or Comments use the
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Paint Seal     For best results, go thru the pages in SEQUENTIAL ORDER, by using the links above or below each page's instruction area, or use the MENU BUTTON at the top left of the page. We have designed these page-lessons to be learned in a Sequential Order, so until you become familiar with the site, please do not "jump ahead" or you may "miss" needed information presented on a previous page... then of course, when you become familiar with the site, just use the top or right side navigation links...

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