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We have created this Paint Quiz 1 for fun but also to help you learn better Painting practices! Please answer ALL the questions and press the Send It button... you will then receive a Link to our ANSWER PAGE! After you finish, you can try our PAINT QUIZ 2 Thank You and Good Luck! (You MUST answer ALL the questions... if you don't know, try GUESSING)

Please Choose the BEST Answer for each question... We suggest that you write your answers on a piece of paper to compare with our ANSWER PAGE

NOTE: For smartphone users, if you have trouble hitting the round radio buttons, just do the "spread finger gesture" to enlarge them!

1. What brand of Paint do we recommend for general use?
A. Pratt & Lambert
B. Sears
C. Sherwin Williams
D. Home Depoe
2. When Brushing any Trim, you should do the following:
A. Start at the left and work towards the right
B. Start at the bottom and work upwards
C. Start at where it's convient
D. Start at the inner most edges near the top and work outwards and downwards
3. Which is True?
A. Priming is always required
B. Priming is sometimes required
C. Priming over Oil Paint when using Latex is always necessary
D. You don't need to Prime "bare" surfaces
4. Using which of the following General Primers will always give best results?
A. Latex based Primers
B. Oil based Primers
C. Shellac based Primers
D. Any kind of Primer
5. When Painting, use this simple "two-step" process:
A. "Put it on and lay it out"
B. "Put it on then put more on then lay it out"
C. "Put it on from top to bottom"
D. "Always put on two coats"
6. Which is False?
A. Use Semi-Gloss for best results on Trim and Woodwork
B. Use Semi-Gloss for best results on walls and ceilings
C. Flat is usually more "eye-appealing" on walls and ceilings
D. High Gloss can be used on both Interiors and Exteriors
7. If you get a drop of Paint where it doesn't belong, do the following:
A. Wait till it drys, then scrape it off
B. Wipe it off immediately
C. Leave it and it will not affect the over-all job
D. Drop another drop to "balance them out"
8. How long should a beginner practice Rolling before starting a job?
A. Practice is not required
B. About 10 minutes
C. About 10 hours
D. As long as it takes to give satisfactory results
9. How long does it take for most Paint to fully cure?
A. One to two hours
B. Two to three hours
C. Three to four days
D. About two weeks
10. When Painting Outdoors, the following is required:
A. Keep "Horizontal or Flat surfaces" covered to protect against rain for at least 3-4 days
B. Wipe off rain from "Vertical surfaces"
C. Use Oil-base Paint
D. Paint in any Temperature
11. The best way to paint around a Light Fixture that is mounted flush onto the ceiling (or any surface) is:
A. Tape the fixture edge all around, then paint the adjoining surface... then quickly remove the tape
B. Caulk the fixture edge where it meets the adjoining surface, then paint the surface up to the caulking
C. Remove the fixture then paint the surface, then after the paint drys, re-attach the fixture
D. Paint the fixture along with the adjoining surface
12. To properly paint walls or surfaces around Door or Window Casings where they meet the Casing (assuming the Casing is Stained and Varnished), you should:
A. Tape the Casing edge all around, then paint the wall or surface... then quickly remove the tape
B. Caulk the wall or surface edge where it meets the Casing edge, then paint the surface up to the caulking
C. Use a Plastic Paint Shield Edge, and hold it against the Casing as you paint the wall or surface sliding it along as needed
D. Paint the edge of the Casing with the wall or surface
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