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Roll Walls---Door Trim

We will assume that we are painting a previously painted window assembly made entirely of wood. The wooden part that "holds" the glass is called the SASH (upper and lower). The part that surrounds the whole assembly is called the CASING. The part that lies at the bottom is called the SILL.

  • windowFirst be sure that the WALLS are already finished and dry... otherwise you might end up mixing different colors and get poor results and have to paint over the surrounding WALL areas
  • NOTE: if the window trim color will be the SAME as the WALLS (but perhaps a Semi-Gloss Finish) then it's best to have painted the extreme outer most edge of the WINDOW CASING with the WALL PAINT... Be sure to place a drop cloth along the floor below the window area...
  • Window Trim like other Woodwork Trim should be Painted with a SEMI-GLOSS Finish...
  • Clean off any Grease with a rag and Lacquer Thinner
  • Next SCRAPE along the edge of the SASH where it meets the Glass using your stiff Putty Knife. And scrape off any other loose paint and other painted surfaces that need it...
  • Now SPACKLE any "dents" or areas that need it and CAULK all the visible cracks and also to make it easy to Cut-In the SASH, CAULK the edge all along where it meets the Glass...
  • Next drive-in any nails with a nail-setter and PUTTY the holes flush to the surface...
  • Now Position your FOUR-FOOT Step Ladder at a place to allow you to set your paint bucket on it so that you don't have to bend over each time you need paint...
  • Now STAIN-SEAL (using Pigmented Shellac) all SPACKLED areas... and areas where the Paint is thin or worn-down or stained with marks...
  • After it's dry (about 5-10 min) you can lightly sand all surfaces using a fine grade paper...
  • Do NOT use TAPE to help keep Paint off of surfaces, it is not needed if you learn proper Brushing Techniques, and will cause more work when you remove it, since Paint easily seeps underneath...
  • Now using a 2 inch flat-edge long handle Brush (referred to as a "Sash Tool") start Painting (BRUSHING) with the upper SASH from the inside edges (along the glass) and WORK OUTWARDS AND DOWNWARDS... then go up to the CASING and Continue the systematic process of Brushing outwards and downwards until you reach the SILL... See Pictures Below Hint: Do not "overwork" your Brush... Let the paint "FLOW" onto the surface!
  • Finally Brush the SILL and APRON (the piece below the sill that contacts the wall)...
  • Check over all your work for drips and misses...
  • Clean-up
  • Remember to come back in an hour or two and MOVE THE SASH so that it doesn't STICK!
  • Remove dropcloths... Be CAREFUL to fold-in droppings, chips etc. and shake out drops somewhere else
  • toolsReplace furniture. NOTE: Acrylic paint needs 1-3hrs to dry to the touch and 14 days to "cure" hard

brushingStart at the top near the center at the window pane-sash edge...

brushingContinue brushing ("cutting") outwards to the sides and then downwards

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Roll Walls---Door Trim

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tip Learn your own capabilities and PACE YOURSELF as you work... rushing along will only produce mistakes and an inferior job! [read all the tips]

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