Your Conclusions

So to lose weight you need to KNOW How Much Energy You Are Putting In Each Day... and to do this you MUST get a small notebook and RECORD the Name of the Meal, the Calories (and Sugar and Salt and Fiber) for each (and every) time you finish eating!

Not only that but you absolutely need to QUIT EATING many of the foods that I think you probably are now eating... because these particular foods are STOPPING you from losing weight... they are predominately Carbohydrates and Sweet Foods... which are metabolized SLOWLY and end up being converted to FAT in your cells and other vital organs... like your Heart, Liver, Kidneys, Etc!!!

Below are Foods I Stopped Eating...

*all types of bread
except low carb
*all pasta
except a few
*chips*all types of potatoes
except mashed
*only corn in water*canned soups
except low salt and
with some fiber
except hight fiber
*all rice
except premium white
*cookies*baked sweets*all chocolate
except syrup
*orange juice
only tropicana
*any juice drinks
with added sugar
*crackers*I eat ONLY unsalted dry
roasted peanuts
and peanut butter
*hot dogs*fried chicken
wings, legs, thighs
*pork, red meat*canned veggies
high in salt
*fast foods*salad dressings*snack foods*restaurant foods
*ice cream*sodas, lemonade*candy*deli foods, meals

If you follow all of my tips and advice, I know that you WILL Succeed in losing weight... it will take a while to see the results but do not give in and go back... persevere and be patient... it will all work out... I guarantee it!