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  • 4ft Wood Stepladder: ("single stage type" See Glossary see Pictures Below)
  • 6ft Alum Stepladder for high work
  • 8ft Alum Extension Ladder: (14ft max height)... Used for Basement Stair-Ways and Cathedral-Type Ceilings
  • Dropcloths: (12ftx15ft), (9ftx12ft), (Runners: various sizes, (4ftx6ft), (4ftx10ft) and "Extras")
  • Extra empty paint cans... HINT: Clean-out your old cans afterwards and save a few
  • Painter's Pants: (Required)...If you "Look Professional" you might do more Professional Style Work!
  • Work Boots (or comfortable sturdy Shoes)
  • Head Protection... use a long narrow rag as a "sweat band" or use a Painter's Cap
  • Long-Sleeve (White Colored) Shirt: For arm protection when Rolling Ceilings

Four Foot Wood Single Stage Step


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tip When brushing out of a bucket, fill it to only about 1/4 to 1/3 full and after you dip your brush into the paint, "smack it" against the inside of the can to get "just the right amount" of paint on it for brushing... don't wipe it across the rim! [read all the tips]