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Equipment---Work Plan

  • Spackle: Use Sherwin Williams qts
  • Caulking: Use Sherwin Williams, non-silicon, 25yr
  • Use Sherwin-Williams paint: Classic 99 (flat,satin,semi) for interior work...A-100 (satin,gloss) for exterior gallons ... See Paints & Finishes for more info...

    Update: In recent years Sherwin Williams has become quite expensive to use, and their Classic-99 product has been discontinued... so for a more reasonable and affordable as well as a good quality brand... try Behr Interior Paint (available at all Home Depot Stores)...

  • Putty (Window Glaze Compound): Use S-W oil-base... buy qts
  • Spackling Compound or Plaster of Paris (for solidifying Putty or Patching Larger Areas): Use S-W... buy 1# size bags
  • De-Natured Alcohol: for cleaning-up dried acrylic paint and stain seal
  • Lacquer Thinner: used for cleaning grease
  • Paint Thinner: only needed if using oil-base paint (STICK WITH ACRYLICS)
  • TSP Cleaner: Soilax, Dirtex
  • Primer-Stain Seal: use only "pigmented shellac" (DO NOT USE WATER-BASE STAIN SEAL)... See Paints & Finishes for more info...

How Much Paint Is Required?

  • For a typical bedroom (12ft x 15ft) applying one heavy coat (recommended)... the ceiling will take about 1/2 gallon, and the four walls will take about 1½ to 2 gallons of Paint...
  • For a typical bedroom closet (double door non-walk-in type) you'll need about ½ gallon...
  • A typical full bath will require about 1 to 1½ gallon...
  • Half baths take about ½ gallon...
  • A typical full sized living room plus hallway (leading to bedrooms) will require about three to four gallons for ceilings and walls...
  • You can continue to make quantity requirements for other rooms and applications based on these suggestions...
  • You may also use our handy Paint Calculator

Equipment---Work Plan

Paint Home

tip When you open a can of paint, use your brush to wipe off the paint on the inside of the LID before you place the LID somewhere! [read all the tips]