calculatorYou can use our Paint Calculator to ESTIMATE how many Gallons of Paint you will need for a particular job (for each coat of Paint). Type in the required demensions, and type in how many Square Feet per Gallon the Paint is supposed to yield (we recommend using a conservative value of 300 sq. ft. per Gallon). If you have a Door or Window or both on any one or two of the Walls, type in the approximate dimensions of them also... NEXT click the "Calculate" button for your results!

NOTE: For rough surfaces like Block, Brick or Stucco, use 20% LESS for the Coverage Value ... so 300 - (.2 X 300) = 240 sq. ft. per Gallon!

NOTE: To Calculate requirements for a CEILING, use the Calculator again and type in the dimensions for the CEILING into the WALL dimension's Width and Height boxes!


Wall 1 Width: ft.
Wall 1 Height: ft.
Wall 2 Width: ft.
Wall 2 Height: ft.
Wall 3 Width: ft.
Wall 3 Height: ft.
Wall 4 Width: ft.
Wall 4 Height: ft.

Door 1 Width: ft.
Door 1 Height: ft.
Door 2 Width: ft.
Door 2 Height: ft.

Window 1 Width: ft.
Window 1 Height: ft.
Window 2 Width: ft.
Window 2 Height: ft.
Area covered by one can of paint:
Can covers: sq. ft.
Calculated Area

Wall 1 Area: sq. ft.
Wall 2 Area: sq. ft.
Wall 3 Area: sq. ft.
Wall 4 Area: sq. ft.

Total Area without windows and doors subtracted:

Total Area: sq. ft.

Total Area with windows and doors subtracted:

Total Area: sq. ft.

How many cans of paint will be needed?

Number of cans:

Keep in mind that our Calculator presents only an Approximate Value, and of course it is always WISE to buy a little MORE Paint than you expect to use!!!

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