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HTML Tag Information
  • Ready.Mobi ...Excellent help here in Validating Mobile Code
  • DR. Watson...very handy Validator that points out your errors and locates the lines that they occur on
  • Here's a strict HTML VALIDATOR for finding Errors in your code...
  • W3C Link Checker... Checks Links per document for Free (with limitations) ...
Image Sites
  • Free Online Banner Maker arrow ... A Free Online Banner Maker... easy to use... can make Vertical Banners
  • Free Online Flash Banner Maker ... A Free Online Flash (and regular) Banner Maker... easy to use...
  • The Flash Carousel arrow... The Koolest of Slideshow Carousels Effects, free download with full instructional backup pages, WOW!... SEE it on our site here
  • Rounded Corner ... A Free Online Rounded Corner DIV Generator... easy to use and will make Rounded Corner DIV's... you can vary the sizes, colors, background colors, add rounded corner borders and even create a gradiant background color!... Very Kool!!! All necessary Images are INSTANTLY Created for you to easily download! See Examples and More Info on our Custom Tables For Presentation page...
  • CSS Background Gradient Tool arrow... A Free Online Background Gradient Tool... Gives code for most common Browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome Etc)
  • 123 Banners ... A Free Online Flash Banner site... easy to use and will make "Magic Corner" or Peel Back Corner Flash Banners... the LATEST CRAZE in Flash... Very Kool!!! See a Live Example on our PEEL BACK Corners page...
  • FlamingText... Another Free Image Creations site
  • IMAGE SEARCH ENGINE...Use Google's 250 Million Images database to find an Image... always check Copyright Infringements before downloading or transloading anyone's Images!
  • EzGif ...Another Free Online Image Editor...
  • Dynamic Drive Image Optimizer...Also Web Based... Excellent for optimizing the byte-size of your Images to reduce load time
  • Dynamic Drive Gradiant Image Maker...Also Web Based... Excellent for making gradient color images...
  • IrfanView ...Freeware for Image Manipulation, quick download, many functions
  • WebFX...A Web Based Graphics Effects Generator...it does some fantastic things!
Web Hosting
  • Hostgator.com ...For compatable hosting starting at $3.95 per month! We highly recommend them!
  • Aplus.net ...For compatable hosting starting at $5.95 per month! We highly recommend them!
  • FREE Web Host Listings ...For free web page hosting for beginners...
  • Zymic ...For free web page hosting for beginners...
  • Find Web Hosting... Search over 1200 web hosting plans at TopHosts.Com. Search according to the price and features you want...
Misc Help Sites
  • Adding Responsive Videos To Web Pages...
  • HandBrake Video Transcoder... A Free Transcoder for your PC ...available for download here, that you can RIP Dvd's etc and put them on your computer and Here is a good tutorial on Riping Dvd's etc ...
  • VLC Media Player... A Free Media Player for your PC ...available for download here, that you can use to play All types of Media including Flash ...
  • FILEZILLA FTP... A Free FTP program available for download, that you can use to copy files from your PC to your Online Host Server (or from your Host Server to your PC) it's simple, lightweight and easy to use and RELIABLE... and Here's a Tutorial for using Filezilla ...
  • Firefox Web Browser... A Free Web Browser... probably the best and most popular, for finding and viewing web pages ...
  • FTP LIVE... A Free FTP online program, that you can use from ANYWHERE just using your browser, to manipulate your files ...
  • Pro Boards arrow... A Free Forum Host... create your FREE Message Board or Forum, easy and completely customizable ...
  • Stat Counter arrow... A Free Page Counter, that works well and is easy to impliment, tracks unique visitors as well as page loads, can make it "invisible" ...
  • Free Find Site Search arrow... Add a Search Engine to your web site, it's free and works well...
  • Tell-A-Friend Code arrow... Free Code for creating a "Tell-A-Friend" link to have viewers recommend your site to others... easy to impliment, customizable, works well ...
  • Hypercam arrow... Freeware... allows you to capture Video from your PC Screen, has lots of options and has a relatively small filesize... excellent for making Tutorial Videos, works best on Win 7...
  • Format Factory ... Convert your WMV Files Or other formats to FLV (Flash) for quicker loading, to put the flash video on your web page... also converts lots of other formats!!!
  • Background Image Rotator Script ... Follow the instructions, to be able to rotate background images on your web page, very useful PHP Script...
  • How To Copy & Paste On A PC Or Mac ... For users on Computers...
  • How To Copy & Paste On An Android Device ... For users on an Android Smart Phone...
  • Form Validation Script ... Using JS Alert, this is a simple way to validate forms as users submit them...
  • Locked Area Managed Data Bases... Freeware, allows you to create Members Only Pages, with Login and Password Protected pages... users can then manage their own accounts, highly recommended...
  • AVAST Anti Virus Software arrow... Freeware, scans all your files for viruses, repairs or removes them, protects your PC from new viruses, highly recommended...
  • Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware arrow... Freeware, finds and removes Harmful Spyware that has been secretly placed on your PC, database updates regularly, does not remove "bad cookies"...
  • CoffeeCup Zip Tool... Freeware, easy to use, small file size, highly recommended...
  • UPLOAD LITE ... Allow users to Upload their files to your server from your webpage, free, customizable, easy to use, you can set the acceptable file types and size, you get an email after the Upload notifying you with a Link to the file for quick viewing...
  • Screen Capture Tool... Freeware, easy to use, has many custom functions... capture a image of your PC Screen... highly recommended...
  • Learn The Net... Learn how Web Browsers and Web Servers really work...
  • HTTP Header Tool ...Use this tool to see what Http Headers are sent and received when you request a webpage...
  • Using Your .htaccess... How to set-up an .htaccess file on Apache Servers, and how to use it...
  • Using CGI Scripts... How to use Perl CGI Scripts on your server...
  • W3Schools Color Tool a good color selector for picking text or background colors for your pages... check it out!
  • Pagetutor Color Tool the best color tool for backgrounds and text combinations, gives many variables to choose from... highly recommended for page design!
  • RGB Color Chart a very handy color chart for selecting web design colors!
  • Hex Color Conversion Tool a very handy color conversion tool for selecting web design colors!
  • Tectite Formmail ... A Free Formmail program available for download, that you can use to create SAFE Contact Pages for your web site...
  • Source Forge Formmail arrow... Another Free Formmail program available for download, that you can use to create SAFE Contact Pages for your web site...
  • Response-O-Matic...Free Form Creations and remotely hosted form submissions thru THEIR CGI Hosted Scripts... It Works Great!!! Highly Recommended!
  • Matts Script Archive...For downloading Free and Pay CGI Scripts... Guestbooks, Polls, Forums, Free-4-All Links etc...
  • Matts Scripts Updated ...Use these Scripts which have been carefully updated and include new additions and custom variables... recommended...
  • CGI Resources...For downloading Free and Pay CGI Scripts... Guestbooks, Polls, Forums, Free-4-All Links etc...
  • www.Download.Com ...For downloading all kinds of Software, Music, Games and more...
  • Domain Name System...Find out how the Domain Name System really works!
  • NameSecure.com ...Purchase your own Domain Name!
  • Discount Domains...Purchase or Look-up Domain availability and find Owner Info!
Design Sites
  • W3Schoolsstar arrow ...More advanced help with HTML and other languages... this is THE Best place to start your learning experience!
  • Little Web Hut...Excellent help here... including Excellent You Tube VIDEOS for HTML, CSS, and MORE!!!
  • Learn The Web...Excellent help here... including Excellent You Tube VIDEOS for HTML, CSS, and MORE!!!
  • Web Design Group...Excellent help here
  • HTML.net...Learn HTML and CSS here
  • HTML Code Tutorial...Lot's of expert help here
  • Web Style Guide... Basic Design Principles for Creating Web Sites
  • About Webdesign...Lot's of expert help here
  • AdultLearn.com...An awesome resource for those interested in computer programming.
  • Developers Home ...Excellent help here in learning how to write for Mobile Browsers
  • A List Apart...A Very Important Resource for anyone who builds web pages!
CSS Sites
Javascript Sites