HTML Tutorial 1 movies
Using a Text Editor

web design     This lesson will assume that you have studied HTML at one or more of our recommended Design Sites ...if you haven't done that yet, go do it and return here and we will show you how to use your Windows-Based PC running Windows 10 OS, to actually create an HTML Document using your Text Editor ( use Word Pad ie Start>All Aps>WordPad )! NOTE: If you are using an ANDROID OS then these instructions will not be as helpful for you, but you may still learn from them... in that case you should Download "Webmaster Lite" from your Google Play Store and use it for your Text Editing... here is a link to it: Click Here and here is a Quick Tutorial for using Webmaster Lite Click Here

    Once you learn this proceedure you will have an HTML Document on YOUR PC and you can open it in your web browser to see what it looks like... by using your browser's Browse Function to locate it (it will reside currently in your MyDocuments Folder or wherever folder you chose to save it in)!

    However you MUST understand that NO ONE on the WWW will be able to view it from their web browser until you UPLOAD it to your chosen Online Web Host Server...

    This UPLOADING will be discussed in our Next Lesson using any FTP Program that you choose...

OK... now to build your HTML Document... from your PC Desktop (running Win 10 OS), open Word Pad (you should set-up a Short-Cut to it on your Desktop)...

screen shot

Now click open the top left button, and click "New"

screen shot

Now here's where you use your knowledge of HTML, and build your Source Code for the web page!

screen shot

Whenever you want to Save the work, click the top left button and choose "Save As" ... then select "Text Document"

screen shot

In the next window you can RENAME the file, by hitting your Delete Button to remove the highlited name that's there, then type in whatever name you want for the web page but be sure to end it in .html (EXAMPLE: webpage.html)

screen shot

Now select what FOLDER (on your PC) you want to save it in!

screen shot

Finally hit the SAVE Button!

screen shot

Well that's it... you now have an HTML Document located on your PC... you can browse to it and check it out!

    If you are using Windows 7, 10 or 11 OS watch the Movie below for an example with that Operating System:

Watch Movie in Media Player Using A Text Editor To Create Webpages

    You can open your web browser, select File, then select Open, then Browse to the Folder and select your HTML Document and it will be viewable in your browser, however it will only have the basic font style, and text that your browser has for default, later you can add HTML code to change this! At this point your HTML Document does NOT have an actual URL (web address) it only has a file location on YOUR PC (probably C:\Documents and Settings\MyFolder\webpage.html)! IMPORTANT: Most online Web Hosts REQUIRE that you name your very FIRST page "index.html"

    Remember when you use your text editor on your PC (we recommend using WordPad instead of NotePad, it holds larger files and is better to use) to make HTML Changes to your HTML Documents you must be sure to click Save from the File button on the menubar! And every time you change a file, you must use your FTP Program to Upload it to your online Host Server (See Next Lesson)... and when you use your web browser to view the changes, you probably will need to Refresh the page, since the old version will most likely be Cached by your browser...

    In the Next Lesson we'll show you how to Upload it to the WWW using an FTP Program so that ANYONE on the WWW can view it in their web browser and so that it will have an actual URL (web address)!

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