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Stairways---Bathtubs & Sinks

NOTE: It is not always necessary to remove Wallpaper before Painting a wall! If there is only one layer of Paper and if the Paper is "secure" and has no "grain" and is not "peeling" or "bubbling"... it could be Painted over [If Done Properly] as indicated below:

  • wallpapererFirst, peel off any loose edges or corners and SPACKLE over them...
  • Next, SPACKLE all Seams and any holes or other areas that need it and CAULK around cracks or moldings!
  • Now, STAIN SEAL [using ONLY Pigmented Shellac... do NOT use any other kind of Stain Sealer!!!] the Entire surface to be Painted! NOTE: Follow the label instructions... recommended is BIN Primer Sealer Stain- Sealer, available at Sherwin Williams or Home Depoe...
  • Now check the surface again and SPACKLE any remaining areas... then "Spot-Prime" those areas with the Stain Sealer...
  • Finally you can Paint the surface, following the steps outlined in ROLL- WALLS

If Wallpaper Removal Is Necessary
  • First TEST the Paper by peeling back a small corner... if it peels without TEARING, then most likely the Paper has a BACKING [cloth, vinyl or other] and can EASILY be removed by just peeling it all off!
  • If it TEARS, it is just all Paper and will require "SOAKING" with Hot Water [in sections 2 ft by 2 ft] and SCRAPING [using a wide stiff scraper] to remove it!
  • Optionally you can add store-bought chemicals to the Hot Water to help desolve the Wallpaper adhesive or rent a Steamer to Steam off the Paper...
  • After you have removed all the Paper, you must continue to Prepare the surface by SPACKLING and CAULKING and then BLOCK-SANDING [wrap coarse sand paper around a small flat block of wood]
  • If there remains a thin paper coating after block sanding, there is no need to try to remove it... the next step of Stain Sealing will effectively Seal it in...
  • Next, you MUST STAIN SEAL the entire surface before Painting... to prevent bleed-thru of adhesive and wall sizing... washing and sanding is NOT enough!!! After it drys you can give it a light sanding with medium paper if desired...
  • Finally you can Paint the surface, following the steps outlined in ROLL- WALLS
Stairways---Bathtubs & Sinks

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tip The "THIN" topmost edge of most BASEBOARDS should be CAULKED and then painted with the wall (if the baseboard is painted a different color or a natural varnished finish)... use TAPE and tape the BASEBOARD up to but not covering this topmost edge before you ROLL the wall! [read all the tips]

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