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Bathtubs & Sinks---Staining

Types Of Paint

Oil, Alkyd, Latex, Acrylic

  • ACRYLIC is the more advanced form of Latex and should be used for almost all jobs... it cleans up with Water... drys to the touch in 1-2 hours... cures in 14 days...
  • ALKYD is the more advanced form of Oil Paint and should be used only when the conditions require a more durable finish... it cleans up with Paint Thinner... drys to the touch in 4-12 hours... cures in 14 days...
  • Waterborne ALKYD is the more advanced form of Acrylic (latex) and can be used where ever Acrylic is used... it cleans up with water... drys to the touch in 4-12 hours... cures in 14 days...
Interior, Exterior
  • A 100 PaintEXTERIOR PAINT should always be used for Exterior jobs and even in areas such as Garage Interiors that are only exposed to the weather when the Garage Door is open... We recommend Sherwin Williams A-100 Gloss for most exterior applications...
  • However, EXTERIOR PAINT can be used for some Interior jobs if higher durability is required in certain situations... For example if a bathroom has excessive moisture problems, using an Exterior Oil Base Enamel could solve the problem...
  • Classic 99INTERIOR PAINT can ONLY be used for Interior jobs... never for Exterior applications... We recommend Sherwin Williams Classic-99 Latex for most Interior applications...

    Update: In recent years Sherwin Williams has become quite expensive to use, and their Classic-99 product has been discontinued... so for a more reasonable and affordable as well as a good quality brand... try Behr Interior Paint (available at all Home Depot Stores)... NOTE: the picture to the right indicates "Paint & Primer In One" but we ALWAYS advise that you use a SEPARATE Primer if infact Priming is necessary!

Specialty Paints
  • All of the above (except Epoxy) can be either Oil, Alkyd, Latex or Acrylic
  • Use ALKYD for METAL, and use ACRYLIC for MASONRY and FLOORS...
  • Use Epoxy for any area that will hold standing water, such as toilet bowls, sinks, tubs, or some floors... (there are two-part and one-part Epoxy Paints available)
Primers and Stain Sealers

Please see our section on Priming for more information on Primers!

Do NOT be fooled into buying products that claim to do priming and finish coating in one application! These products are just GIMMICKS to steal your money... priming must always be done in a separate step using a high grade product... then follow up with your finish coat!

  • coverstainOIL will guarantee the best hiding of stains and sealing of unpainted wood surfaces or varnished wood surfaces but it takes longer to dry and requires Paint Thinner for clean up... It is best used for exterior applications... We recommend Zinsser's Cover Stain which can be used for both interiors and exteriors...
  • rust primerFor Rusted Metal Surfaces, we recommend a Rustoleum Product, Rusty Metal Primer available at most Paint Stores...
  • LATEX is best used for interior applications but will not seal Stains well... Use it for large areas that have not been Painted, such as new dry wall or plaster...
  • stainsealPIGMENTED-SHELLAC is the best Primer for Interior jobs... it requires some experience to apply it properly and gives off a harsh odor for the first few minutes but drys quickly... Alcohol is required for clean up... Use it for woodwork, doors, cabinets, paneling, stains and especially for Nicotine stained surfaces... we recommend "Bin Primer-Sealer" (Pigmented Shellac Type) available at Sherwin Williams or Home Depoe... SEE our Section on Priming for Tips on using Pigmented Shellac...

Types Of Finishes

Flat, Satin-Eggshell, Semi Gloss, Gloss

  • FLAT (sometimes called Matte) is the most common finish and will not reflect all the "little surface imperfections" like sheen finishes do... Contrary to common belief, it WASHES WELL if a good brand is used... FLAT should be used for all ceilings and walls in all rooms except baths, kitchens and basement stairways which should all be Painted with a sheen finish like SEMI-GLOSS...
  • SATIN or EGGSHELL can be used anywhere if a "slight" sheen is desired for "decorative" purposes...
  • Using SHEEN FINISHES like SEMI, SATIN or EGGSHELL or GLOSS will always reflect the light more on walls and ceilings and show surface "imperfections" unlike FLAT finishes... Use SHEEN FINISHES on woodwork, cabinets, doors and walls that may have "high hand traffic" conditions...
  • For EXTERIOR applications, a SHEEN FINISH is best for durability...

How Much Paint Is Required?

For Paint Quantity Requirements see our Materials Page or our Exterior Materials Page for approximate Quantities and Coverages... or you may also use our handy Paint Calculator

Bathtubs & Sinks---Staining

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tip Most walls and ceilings DO NOT need Priming before a Finish Coat... Priming is RARELY need except under certain situations! [read all the tips]

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