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  • Be sure to use a "Paintable" type Caulk, like Sherwin Williams non-silicon 25yr durable grade Caulk
  • Cut the tip of the caulk tube at about 45 and open the hole to about 1/8in diameter... for wider cracks open the hole wider
  • Puncture the inner seal with a long nail or coat hanger
  • Install into gun
  • Use TWO hands. Press trigger and drag the tip along the crack towards you. Keep the gun at about 45 to the surface... when finished press the "Spring Release Lever" to stop the pressure on the Caulk and stop it from "oozing out" the tip end
  • Smooth out the bead with your finger if necessary. Be CAREFUL not to cut your finger on jagged edges
  • Keep a rag in the hand at the tip end and wipe the tip after every drag
  • When finished insert a nail or piece of coat hanger into the tip to keep it from drying out
  • A nicely caulked edge along woodwork gives an easy line to "cut" to...

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tip Professional Painting is best accomplished by doing things "systematically" in order... as we indicate in our lessons! [read all the tips]