Walls---Window Trim

This is another important Technique for you to learn. Once mastered, you will feel great satisfaction after finishing a large wall, without leaving any "LAP" marks.

  1. Start at position 1 with fresh Paint and Roll down to position 2
  2. From position 2 continue to Roll up to position 3 where you have brushed in the top edge
  3. From position 3 continue to Roll down to position 4 but don't hit the baseboard
  4. Stop here at position 4 and get fresh Paint from the tray and continue this process working to the left until you finish the whole wall, then brush the base area... NOTE: You can repeat this cycle over again if you still have enough Paint on your roller, before getting more Paint from the tray!

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Walls---Window Trim

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tip When Rolling ceilings... step BACKWARDS as you Roll from side to side... so that you don't get covered in paint spray! [read all the tips]

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