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Walls---Window Trim

This is another important Technique for you to learn. Once mastered, you will feel great satisfaction after finishing a large wall, without leaving any "LAP" marks.

  • Attach the long extension stick to the roller handle See Glossary
  • Assuming you're right-handed, start at the RIGHT side of the wall and work towards the left (opposite for leftys)
  • Load the skin with enough paint from the tray but not to a dripping point
  • Keep the open end of the roller to the right and roll UP to the top brushed area and DOWN to just above but not touching the base area using the same "pressure" Technique described in ROLL CEILINGS to control lap marks, then roll up and down again... See Diagram Below!
  • Don't "work" the roller trying to make the paint spread
  • Roll down to the bottom and up to the top about two times, then get more Paint onto your roller, leaving the very bottom for brushing
  • Go over the last painted wet area just slightly as you move to the left (for right handed users) each time...

  1. Start at position 1 with fresh Paint and Roll down to position 2
  2. From position 2 continue to Roll up to position 3 where you have brushed in the top edge
  3. From position 3 continue to Roll down to position 4 but don't hit the baseboard
  4. Stop here at position 4 and get fresh Paint from the tray and continue this process working to the left until you finish the whole wall, then brush the base area... NOTE: You can repeat this cycle over again if you still have enough Paint on your roller, before getting more Paint from the tray!

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Walls---Window Trim

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tip When Rolling ceilings... step BACKWARDS as you Roll from side to side... so that you don't get covered in paint spray! [read all the tips]