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Work Plan---Prep-Paint

  • Remove all furniture that is easily moved, along with small things, drapes etc.
  • Move to center of room, any larger furniture
  • TAPE the baseboard (or carpet, shoe moulding or floor if the baseboard happens to be painted ...whichever is applicable) Note: Unless you have an "Old Fashion" 5 inch high Stained and Varnished baseboard... leave the "Thin" top-most edge of the Stained and Varnished baseboard UNTAPED and Caulk it and Paint it in with the Wall (See Diagram Below). Also use tape and newspaper to cover any other areas. Use plastic drop cloth to cover large wall areas such as fireplaces or to cover delicate furniture
  • Cover remaining furniture and floor with drops (short for dropcloths)
  • Move-in tools and equipment... create a "shop" area to work from... use adjacent room or hall for more "shop" area
  • Remove switch plates and other fixtures which makes it easier to "cut" around
  • Plug in your lights (with attached sockets) to aid in seeing your work
  • Wall washing is only necessary if walls are VERY dirty. Normally, just dusting will suffice. However if there's any grease present it must be removed with laquer thinner OR the area MUST be STAIN SEALED

Work Plan---Prep-Paint

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tip Never TAPE woodwork for brushing... instead use the Brushing Techniques that we teach you in these lessons! [read all the tips]

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