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Set Up---Spackle

  • Spackle cracks, holes etc. Do it as instructed in SPACKLING
  • Caulk wood casings (where stained & varnished wood meets wall), cracks, baseboard, mouldings; anywhere where cracks exist. Follow advice in CAULKING
  • Stain Seal all spackled patches if you are going to paint over them with satin, semi or gloss paint. Flat does not require "spotting" in like this. Also Stain Seal any scuff marks, crayon, water marks etc.
  • Prime surfaces ONLY IF NECESSARY... SEE our Section On Priming before you do any Priming...
  • "Cut"(brush-in) in ceiling corners, ceiling-wall edges and ceiling light fixtures with your finish coat paint. NOTE: if walls are the same color as ceiling, cut in wall corners about half-way down to floor at this time. IMPORTANT: LEARN HOW TO CUT HERE
  • Roll out ceiling with your finish coat paint. SEE ROLL CEILINGS
  • Clean-up tools before changing colors to paint walls. SEE CLEANING-UP
  • Finish brushing walls. SEE WALLS
  • Roll out walls. SEE ROLL WALLS
  • toolsFinish brushing base...
  • Clean-up again...
  • Remove tape and other covered areas...
  • Replace ceiling light fixture and other fixtures etc.
  • Remove drops. Be CAREFUL to fold-in droppings, chips etc. and shake out drops somewhere else...
  • Replace furniture. NOTE: Acrylic paint needs 1-3hrs to dry to the touch and 14/days to "cure" hard...

Set Up---Spackle

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tip Always use a High Quality Paint... saving a few bucks by using inferior paint is a BIG mistake and you'll pay for it down the road! [read all the tips]

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