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    I have created this Quiz for fun but also to help you learn more about Beginner's Web Design! Please answer ALL the questions and press the Send It button... you will then receive a Link to the ANSWER PAGE! Thank You and Good Luck! (You MUST answer ALL the questions... if you don't know, try GUESSING)

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1. What is HTML?
A. Hot Topic Making Language
B. It's a programing language used to create web pages
C. It's a text mark-up language for designing web pages
D. It stands for Home Text Markup Language
2. What do we recommend for writing web pages?
A. Paper and ink
B. A text editor on your PC
C. A spiral notebook
D. Stay up late at night
3. What is a Web Browser?
A. A person who surfs thru web pages
B. A device that you use to check data online
C. Software on your PC that finds web pages
D. A misnomer, actually it doesn't really exist
4. Describe briefly what a Web Server does?
A. Receives and trys to fulfill requests from a Web Browser to locate a web page document
B. Serves dinner at every party that you have
C. Stores and serves web pages to everyone
D. Sends e-Mails back and forth to users
5. Approximately how fast does a request for a web page travel from you to the source location?
A. 100 miles per hour
B. 1 million miles per hour
C. 186,000 miles per second
D. 17 feet per seconds
6. How can someone find a web page that you just wrote and stored in a folder on your PC, without any FTP to a Server?
A. They search Google
B. They call you up at 2am and ask
C. All they need is the web address
D. They can't find it using a Web Browser until you FTP it to a Web Server
7. All the HTML plus any CSS and other CODE that you write to build your web page is commonly referred to as the what?
A. File
B. Folder
C. Source
D. Holding
8. Which is FALSE?
A. Web pages are programs that tell a computer what to show on your screen so you can read and enjoy them
B. Web pages are text documents located on a computer
C. Web pages can be static or dynamic in design
D. Web pages can be generated by computer programs or by hand coding
9. What is the correct code for a simple HTML Table?
A. <table><tr><td>data</td></tr></table>
B. A "simple table" cannot be written in HTML
C. <tr><td><table>data</table></td></tr>
D. None of the above
10. A URL is the "Web Address" for what?
A. A Computer
B. A Web Page
C. An Image on a Web Page
D. All of the above
11. What does Cascading Style Sheets do when used in Web Page Design
A. Locates the Web Server where the page was LAST used
B. Builds Images to use on the Web Page
C. Adds content to Web Pages for clairity
D. Adds style to Web Pages
12. If you try studing HTML and Web Design, just a little each day and take notes as you learn, how long will it generally take to get a simple Web Page "up and running" on the WWW?
A. Depends on your ability, but generally about 1-2 days
B. 1-2 weeks
C. 1 month
D. None of the above
13. What is JavaScript?
A. A markup language
B. A server side programming language
C. A language that has traditionally been used by programmers earily in the morning while they drink coffee
D. A client side scripting language
14. After you write the Code for a Web Page and save it to your PC with a file name like "page25.html" you need to do what with it next, if you want to put it on the WWW?
A. Change the file extension from .html to .www
B. FTP it to your Web Host
C. Nothing, it will be available to anyone just as is
D. Encript it so it can't be hacked
15. What is a Server Side Include (SSI) and how is it used?
A. A program "snippit" that can be included into a Web Page at a point by this command: <!--#include virtual="name.txt" -->
B. A text document that can be inserted into a Web Page to make editing pages easier, when they all have the same data at that point of the document
C. SSI is just a fictious thing, it does not exist
D. SSI is a way if reducing the complexity of a Web Page
16. What is Filezilla?
A. A large creature that lives inside a PC
B. A free program for transfering files back and forth between a PC and a Web Host Computer
C. It's the most reliable FTP Program out there
D. You should know this is a program for copying images to save on your PC
17. Is Validating your HTML Code actually required before uploading it to the Web?
A. Absolutely
B. Not really
C. Sometimes
D. Depends on the type of code in your source
18. What is "Back-End" Design?
A. When you read a Web Page, sometimes it's best to read it from the end back to the beginning to find errors
B. Has to do with data base driven or controlled Web Pages
C. The opposite of "Front-End" Design
D. Bending over backwards when typing code to reduce strain
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