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Exterior Equipment---Exterior Work Plan

Use all the Materials for Interior Painting except use these:

  • Use ONLY EXTERIOR PAINT (never use Interior Paint for Exterior applications)
  • Acrylic Latex is best but sometimes Alkyd Oil must be used for certain applications (for example, use Oil for all Iron Railings and other Ironwork)
  • A 100 GlossChoose a good brand of Paint such as Sherwin Williams A-100 (use gloss or satin for exteriors)
  • Spackle (use Exterior Oil-Base) however Interior Water-Base will work but sometimes "Shrinks" due to weather conditions
  • Primers: for Wood we recommend Sherwin Williams Exterior Oil Base Wood Primer... for Brick, Block, Asbestos Cement Siding or other Masonry surfaces use Sherwin Williams Masonry Primer... for Iron or Steel use Sherwin Williams Exterior Oil Base Metal Primer, or if rust is present use Rustoleum Rusty Metal Primer... for Aluminum use Sherwin Williams Exterior Acrylic Primer...

How Much Paint Is Required?

  • For a typical three bedroom brick ranch with attached garage... the overhang trim plus gutters and downspouts and front porch ceiling will take about four to five gallons... applying one heavy coat...
  • The garage door (two car type) and casing will take about 1 gallon...
  • The front and side (or rear) doors and casings will take about ¼ to ½ gallon...
  • The window trim (casings, and sash) will take about ½ quart per opening (an "opening" is one window)...
  • An unattached garage (two car type) will take about 3½ to four gallons...
  • You can continue to make quantity requirements for other applications based on these suggestions...
  • You may also use our handy Paint Calculator

Exterior Equipment---Exterior Work Plan

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tip During summer months it sometimes is TOO Hot for most Exterior Paint to "Work Properly", so plan on Painting as early in the morning as possible, before it gets too hot! [read all the tips]