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Colors---Tips & Hints

We STRONGLY suggest that you read our Sections on Interior Painting before you start these lessons on Spray Painting! The techniques, skills and prep & paint steps required are applicable to BOTH Brush And Roll and Spray Painting jobs... simply substitute Spraying for Brushing and/or Rolling in the information presented! All of our discussions on Spray Painting will apply to all types of Homes, but for the sake of simplicity, we have chosen to use a standard three bedroom brick ranch as our typical example...

  • If you are Painting another style Home, simply adjust your methods to account for the differences and you will be able to produce a good Paint job on whatever type of home that you have...
  • Both Interior and Exterior Spray Painting requires that surrounding vulnerable areas and objects be masked or covered to preclude getting any overspray on them... use tape and plastic drop cloths for best results... move out cars, boats etc from the areas too, for Exterior Spray Painting...
  • Always wear face, eye and skin protection when Spraying Paint... typical gear is available at your local paint store or Home Depot...
  • Please be advised that Brush And Roll Painting will always do a better job because it has "direct contact" with surfaces thus affording more control and because it will apply a heavier coat than Spray will...
  • However Spray Painting can be superior in some applications... it really depends on what has to be painted and the difficulity involved...
  • The COMBINATION of Both Spray and Brush And Roll is sometimes the better choice...
  • For Tools... use all the same Tools as indicated on our Tools Page and our Exterior Tools Page ...
  • For Materials... the same is true... use materials recommended on our Materials Page and our Exterior Materials Page ...
  • For Equipment... again use equipment recommended on our Equipment Page and our Exterior Equipment Page ... But ADD the following Equipment For Spray Painting:

    Wagner HVLP Paint Ready Station ... follow the product's Instructions for the TECHNIQUE Of APPLICATION NOTE: We strongly recommend the Wagner HVLP Paint Ready Station See Info Here

    And for more robust Spray Painting... the Wagner Pro Coat See Info Here

  • Be absolutely sure to follow the manufacture's directions for CLEANING UP The Equipment after the job is done...

Colors---Tips & Hints

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tip Spray Painting Outside can be costly if the spray mist is inadvertantly carried by a light breeze and lands on someone else's property... BE Cautious! [read all the tips]

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