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Priming---Roll Ceilings

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Learning how to "cut" a line is probably the most crucial part of all painting. If you can master it you are on your way to Professionalism

This Technique applys to cutting a line anywhere: ceilings, casings, mouldings etc.

  • First, get just the right amount of paint on your brush: keep it just short of dripping off. Now, the trick is to BEND the brush bristles and create a visible bristle line-edge of paint and slide this edge along the line you want to cut to... See Pictures Below
  • You have to PRESS DOWN quite a bit on the bristles against the surface to get the brush bristles to bend and give you a fine edge to cut with... Hint: Do not "overwork" your Brush... Let the paint "FLOW" onto the surface!
  • Always take a stroke across first, just next to the cut line and apply some paint to give your brush a wet surface to slide on, instead of the dry surface
  • Remember to work out of a bucket that's no more than 1/3 full, and smack the brush against the inside of the can to get the amount of paint on it, just right; don't wipe it across the rim.
  • To Cut into corners, you must "Point" the Bristles and Push them into the area, being careful to apply Paint only to the surface(s) desired...
  • Professional Painters can Brush and Cut lines equally well using either hand... this is a firm requirement for all good Painting!

brushingNotice how the bristles are "bent against the surface"...

brushingHere the bristles are just "normal" before pushing against the surface to create a "line-edge" to "Cut" with... as in the above picture!

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Priming---Roll Ceilings

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tip Learn how to use Pigmented Shellac Stain Sealer-Primer... it kills stains better, undercoats wood surfaces better, and drys much faster for quick second coating! [read all the tips]






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