Brushing---Clean Up

This is the second most important Technique for you to learn. Once mastered, you will feel great satisfaction after finishing a large ceiling, without leaving any "LAP" marks.

Assuming the ceiling color is DIFFERENT from the wall color... refer to the Diagram Below and follow the Numbered Steps in the list below the Diagram!

  1. Using your 4 foot step ladder, Brush around the top edge around the entire ceiling... giving a Full Brush Width of paint... feathering out the unfinished edge. If you get some Paint onto the wall it's OK, because when you Brush the wall, you will cover over this Paint! If you are not going to Paint the wall, you need to "Cut" into the wall edge and not get any Paint on the wall, using the Brushing Technique we described in BRUSHING
  2. Now Brush around the light fixture...
  3. Now Roll around the entire wall edges for a width of about 2 feet out from the wall, rolling sideways parallel to the walls so you don't get any roller spray onto them...
  4. Finish Rolling the rest of the ceiling... taking areas about 3ft by 4ft, and getting more Paint as you go along...

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NOTE: If the ceiling and walls are the SAME color, you can Brush over the top edges onto the wall, giving a full Brush Width onto the wall, and you can Brush down the corners about half way to the floor while you are still on your ladder

Brushing---Clean Up

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tip When you reach a good "break off" place, STOP working and "Square-up" ...don't leave a MESS... so that your job will be READY when you return to finish it! [read all the tips]

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