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Roll Ceilings---Walls

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  • Place something under your area (next to the laundry tub) to keep yourwork area clean
  • Use warm water, you don't need soap but a little helps
  • While the skin is on the handle, scrape off the paint with your putty knife into the tray; then use your brush to wipe the paint out of the tray into the BUCKET
  • Now stick the tray, handle with skin and brush into the laundry tub
  • Slide the skin off the handle
  • Clean the roller handle thoroughly, wipe it dry
  • Clean the skin next, then spin it dry after cleaning See Glossary
  • Use your brush (before you clean it) to clean out the tray, then dry the tray with a rag
  • Now clean the brush. BEND the bristles on the brush to get the "HEEL" clean, then shake it down dry ( Pros sometimes knock the edge of the handle against their shoe as they shake it down )
  • Don't forget to scrape down your Spackling Knives and Putty Knife and clean-up other Tools...
  • Clean up yourself, hint: wet or soak the RAG, then use it to clean your skin (especially if you need alcohol to clean tough spots)

Roll Ceilings---Walls

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tip Be careful when you Clean-up and fold your Drop Cloths in a manner so that the dust and chips don't fall out and then SHAKE them out somewhere where you can sweep them up properly! [read all the tips]




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