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Exterior Materials---Exterior Set Up

We will assume that we are Painting a Three Bedroom Brick Ranch with either an attached or separate Garage!

  • Size-Up the whole job and do all the "High Work" (if any) first, then do the ground level work next
  • Start at a corner at the back of the house and work around towards the front... if the Garage is separate, do it in the same manner
  • Do the Trim and Overhang first, and Brush it as much as possible saving larger areas for Rolling... See Diagram Below...
  • Take it in "sections" say 20ft at a time, and keep organized and work "systematically" as you go along, working from the topmost areas down to the lower areas

Exterior Materials---Exterior Set Up

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tip Exterior Painting can be ruined by a small wind... it could carry Paint mist for great distances if you are using a Spray Gun... stick to "Brush and Roll" techniques! [read all the tips]