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deck Most Decks are made from Pressure Treated wood, but this should not create any problems with Painting or Staining them

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  • Due to the growing popularity of decks, there are now a wide variety of deck finishes - ranging from conventional penetrating ones to new water based latex ones. In the alkyd category, there are clears, semi transparent and opaque finishes. In latex, semi transparent and opaque...
  • Many homeowners are starting to use the semi transparent or opaque to maximize the protection and duration of their deck coating...
  • Begin by cleaning and power washing to remove dirt, mildew and old coatings. If you are using a clear, penetrating coatings, deck brightening products help restore a "new wood" look to the wood. Both sides of the railings should also be powerwashed...
  • Once the deck is clean and thoroughly dry, start with a brush on the outside of the deck, on tops of the railing and work your way down to the deck, then in toward the house. Then switch to a roller for the deck, starting at an outside edge and working toward the house. Use even pressure on the roller on each board to give uniform coverage and sheen...
  • When Painting Decks, follow all the Prep and Paint techniques outlined in Painting Exteriors
  • If PRIMING is necessary, use an Exterior Oil-Base Wood Primer
  • Brush in and Roll out the Deck, and finish by Brushing all other areas
  • If rain seems likely, cover the Deck with a plastic dropcloth
  • When Staining Decks, follow the techniques outlined in Staining
  • After Staining, it is recommended that the Deck be Sealed with a good grade Deck Sealer or Spar Varnish...


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tip Porch Decks should always be swept clean before Painting or Staining, if you wash them you will need to let them dry overnight first! [read all the tips]