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Exterior Work Plan---Exterior Prep-Paint

  • Create a "Shop Area" and place a dropcloth down to catch all the drippings as you mix Paint and work with other materials, and cover all cement and other surfaces that might get Paint on them...
  • Now move your Ladders into position, and tie down any bushes or tree branches that are in your way, and clear away other objects that might get Paint on them... be sure to set up long extension ladders allowing the base position to be 1 foot from the wall for each 4 foot of vertical height upwards, and ALWAYS have someone hold the ladder when you are up high on it
  • pothookIMPORTANT: Always use a Pothook to hold your Paint Can to the Ladder (hang it down at your waist level) and fill the can only about 1/3rd full...
  • For extra safety, you can tie a heavy rope around your waist, leaving enough extra to tie to a ladder rung when you are up high, so if you lose your balance it will keep you from falling off (and probably give you an added sense of confidence too)
  • If you are Painting a Garage, be sure to move out any Vehicles and other things that might get Paint on them...

Exterior Work Plan---Exterior Prep-Paint

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tip Protect Door and Window Exterior SCREENS carefully, otherwise a small speck of Paint on a Screen will stick out like a "Sore Thumb" and is very hard to remove (Hint: touch a speck with a bit of Black Paint to "hide" it)! [read all the tips]

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