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Exterior Prep-Paint---Decks

garage Prep and Paint Unattached Garage Exteriors the same way you would Paint a house Exterior as explained in our lessons elsewhere

  • Garage Doors with extra trim (like window moldings Painted a separate color) can sometimes be Painted more easily if the trim is REMOVED and Painted and then reattached after the rest of the door is Painted
  • Unhook the electric door opener and opperate it manually to Paint the door edges and sides if required
  • For unattached Wood Garages, if possible, you should "Back Prime See Glossary" the walls... that is, Prime the INSIDE of the Garage Walls, using an Exterior Oil-Base Wood Primer... Be sure to Prime the actual wood and remove any paper coating beforehand if present... "Back Priming" will GREATLY lessen the chance for exterior peeling down the road

Painting Garage Floors

  • The following instructions apply to Latex Garage Floor Paint. Products sold as One-Part Epoxy require the same treatment. Two-Part Epoxy coatings require more extensive applications. Paints that are made specifically for use on concrete floors should provide adequate slip resistance without additional additives... NOTE: There are also Garage Floor STAINS (only for New Unfinished Concrete) that work quite well...
  • Garage floor paint is best applied to concrete that is clean, dry and free of serious cracks or damage. Cracks and small holes can be patched with concrete patch products before painting. Concrete that is frequently wet should be treated with a concrete waterproofer before painting...
  • Use a broom and wet-dry vacuum to thoroughly clean debris from the floor. Remove grease with a degreaser and stiff brush. Rinse the degreaser and allow the floor to dry. Heavy stains may require a pressure washer... If the floor was PREVIOUSLY PAINTED, scrape off loose paint and chips...
  • Garage floor paint adheres best to New Unpainted Concrete if the surface of the concrete has the texture of light sandpaper. Garage floors, however, are often troweled to a very smooth surface. Use an etching product or muriatic acid to treat smooth surfaces. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. You may need to etch or wash the surface twice to achieve the proper texture...
  • The paint can be applied full strength, using either a brush or a roller. Latex garage floor paint dries to the touch in a matter of hours, but it is best to let it dry at least 2 WEEKS before walking on it and before driving your car on it.... NOTE: This author highly recommends (for New Unfinished Concrete)... Garage Floor STAIN...

Exterior Prep-Paint---Decks

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tip Sometimes it's easier to Prime the whole outside of a badly peeled Garage wall, after scraping it, rather than trying to "Spot-In" every small area! [read all the tips]

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